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"If there were a recipe for failure, I had all the right ingredients."
Sharaud D. Moore - Original Freedom Writer

Internationally renowned Author, Actor and Lecturer, Sharaud Moore, primarily known as one of the Original Freedom Writers, continues the legacy as a leading voice amongst Leaders of Diversity.

In an effort to pay forward the Power of Education, Moore empowers his audience to reach for their fullest potential. Through his many successful endeavors, one-of-a-kind perspective, and dynamic speaking style, Moore is able to capture the attention of audience members from all walks of life.

As a favored and successful coach, Moore faced the athletic challenge of a lifetime as a contestant on the hit TV show ‘The American Gladiators', and continues to form bonds by building and sustaining winning teams on and off of the field.

Once a homeless youth born to an unwed teen mother, Moore coaches and educates by sharing his story with at risk teens and troubled youth. A Personal Story of triumph that was captured in the Paramount Film “Freedom Writers”, a full feature film Moore contributed to as a cast member, that gave a brief glimpse of the power the mind which showcased benefits of the “No Child left Behind” Act.

Even though Moore tested at a genius level, in the second grade he was labeled, as an un-teachable delinquent, a label that led him to make poor choices. With the ongoing fear of gang retaliation lurking, Moore decided to carry a gun to school. An act that caused him to get expelled, but an act that changed the course of his life.

After being expelled, Moore was forced to attend Woodrow Wilson Classical High School where he meet Erin Gruwell, an English Teacher that inspired him to change his mind about his future and challenged him to dare to dream.

Moore continues to travel internationally for civic and nonprofit commitments promoting Uncertain Triumphs through his exclusive presentations and his philanthropic contributions.

PLEASE NOTE:  Sharaud Moore, though an Original Freedom Writer, is regrettably no longer a speaker or representative of the Freedom Writer Foundation, nor does he maintain any business connections with the Foundation.

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